What to expect!


  • plays a key part in developing children's language, using our bodies and instruments to express ourselves through rhythm, rhyme and keeping the beat. 


  •  we incorporate plenty of movement to keep our children active, and sneak a little exercise for ourselves. 

      Sensory Play

  •  we give our little ones the opportunity to explore different materials in our classes, relating to the letter and sound of the week.


  • every week you and your child, will work together to produce a mini masterpiece to take home relating to the letters and sounds of the week

     Listening skills

  • we will play a variety of games that concentrate on our children's listening skills, one of the most important life skills, and the most desired by early years settings.

     Letters and Sounds

  • we recap, reiterate and repeat our letters and sounds through story, puppets and song, relating to the letter and sound of the week giving plenty of opportunity to practice in class and then at home.


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